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Do you want to outperform?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I was talking with a construction leader a few weeks ago that was struggling to achieve their business goals because they could not hire nor retain the people they needed to build the work. They had tried focus groups, mentorships, and even tried partnering with a local college to recruit talent.

The experience that they were providing their employees was holding them back.

Does this sound familiar?

If you invest in employee experience (EX) you will outperform those that don't.

It is just that simple.

Investing in EX leads to:

  • 64% decrease in safety incidents

  • 81% decrease in absenteeism

  • 66% increase in thriving employees

  • 23% increase in profitability

Sound good to you?

If you could benefit from understanding why you aren't recruiting nor retaining the talent you need, click here or call Christi to check availability: (360) 907-0577.


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