Employee Experience (EX) Insights Action Plan

Two of the greatest challenges facing leaders today are to RECRUIT and RETAIN the best people.

The companies that are investing in employee experience outperform those that do not; not only are they able to attract and retain great talent, they experience fewer safety incidents, decreased absenteeism, an increase in customer loyalty, and profit.


Investing in employee experience means that organizations are bringing their employees into the center of their decision-making process. 

Value of an EX Insights Action Plan:

  • Understand why you aren’t recruiting the talent you need 

  • Have a plan to reduce high potential turnover by 30% 

  • Learn how to improve your employee engagement by 10%

Companies Investing in EX Outperform:


decrease in safety incidents

decrease in



increase in customer loyalty/ engagement


increase in


From Employee Engagement and Performance: Latest Insights From the World’s Largest Study (Gallup, 2020). 

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