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Improve your employee experience.

With almost 20 years of hands on experience, we help construction leaders improve their employee experience. 

We have helped our clients, from national contractors to local subcontractors, align their employee experience strategy, programs, and people.

Our clients have benefited from our solutions:

  • Improved employee listening strategies

  • Reorganized HR function to support growth

  • Increased buy-in and adoption for change

  • Implemented new people programs

Our solutions include:

Qualtrics partner network

ALTA + Qualtrics

ALTA + Qualtrics partner to demystify EX and enable construction companies to invest in EX effectively.

We do this by helping organizations bring their employees into the center of their decision-making processes, which allows leaders to harness all of the benefits of a magnetic employee experience.

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Team Development

Whether your team has just come together, or the old team just isn't working as well as it used to, your team probably needs a boost.

​Improve your team's collaboration and productivity with a tailored program designed for you.

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Everyone faces challenges they don't know how to handle.

With honesty at the forefront, we will discuss opportunities, challenges, and  - most importantly - real solutions that you can implement.

Our solutions achieve these valuable results: 

We captured the unique Lived Experiences of 1,200 employees at a nationwide civil contractor through a tailored series of focus groups and a follow up survey. 


Using what we heard, we used qualitative and quantitative data to provide leaders with regional and organizational recommendations that led them to directly address the needs of their employees. 


We advised on the strategy establishment and HR reorganization for a market-leading general contractor, enabling sustainable growth for the organization.

This included thorough process mapping, team assessments, and clear value-add, prioritized recommendations for action, including process waste elimination and a well-thought-out org structure.


We directly responded to employee feedback that there was a lack of organizational clarity, and designed, developed, and implemented a customized Diversity Maturity Model for a nationwide civil contractor.

This Maturity Model enabled the organization to set a clear strategy, take strategic action, and ensure transparent communication with their employees.


We streamlined the employee leave request process at a nationwide firm through process improvements and the implementation of  employee-facing technology.


This resulted in increased communication across the employee base, between departments, and within the HR team. In addition, significant efficiencies were gained as the administrative burden was alleviated.

ALTA's clients include:

"Working with the ALTA team was the definition of professionalism and collaboration. Christi clearly knows the construction industry, and we were appreciative that she and her team took the time to learn about our organization and our people to provide a solution that is unique to us. Christi's flexibility, thoughtfulness, candor and sense of humor, made the experience great. We would work with ALTA again! "

Erin Willis-Freedman     |     Vice President, Human Resources     |     Skanska USA Civil

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Construction's Leading Indicator:
Employee Experience

Find out how construction leaders are winning the war by investing in a magnetic employee experience.

Construction's leading indicator is Employee Experience.
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