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EX Insights Action Plan

Two of the greatest challenges facing leaders today are to RECRUIT and RETAIN the best people.​

Our EX Insights Action Plan provides you with a current state assessment and a customized action plan to win the war on talent.

ALTA + Qualtrics

ALTa + Qualtrics partner to demystify EX and enable construction companies to win the war on talent.  


We do this by helping organizations bring their employees into the center of their decision-making process so they can harness all of the benefits of an magnetic employee experience.

Team Development

Whether your team has just come together or the old team just isn't working as well as it used to, your team probably needs a boost.

Improve your team's collaboration and productivity with a tailored program designed for you.

Team Development

As a leader, 

everyone looks to


for the answers,

but where do you turn?

Gain insights into your strengths and how to better leverage them through an individualized coaching program.  

HR Consultation

Everyone faces challenges they don't know how to handle.

With honesty at the forefront, I will discuss opportunities, challenges, and most importantly real solutions that you can implement.


It is tough to participate in a meeting when you are the one trying to facilitation the discussion. 

Ensure everyone has a voice whether you are planning a small offsite retreat or a large group brainstorm.