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7 Employee Experience Strategies

There are countless strategies that construction leaders can implement to create a magnetic employee experience for their organization. Some are quick to implement, others take more time to adopt the change. Here are 7 proven strategies that will help you increase employee engagement and improve your employee experience:

  1. Ask your most recent new hires how long it took from the time they applied to when they first heard back from your company (you may be surprised by how long this actually took). Then, look at your recruiting process to see how you can decrease the time, while ensuring you are hiring the right candidate for the role.

  2. Host a lunch for 5-10 craft employees and ask for feedback on your safety processes. Ensure that you have diverse perspectives in the room and build trust in your program by seeking their thoughts. Then, implement 2-3 of their suggestions (do not try to do everything) to demonstrate that you are listening and willing to take action.

  3. Take a look at your company's social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Do you have them? Do they reflect the culture that exists? If you don't have a company LinkedIn account now, start one - this is where candidates are looking for you. If you already have these accounts, great, now ensure that the identity you share publicly is not just how you want to be seen, but is reality.

  4. At your next team meeting, ask the quiet person in the room their thoughts on the topic being discussed. Inviting them into the conversation develops a sense of belonging. It also demonstrates to the rest of your team that the quiet voices are equally as valued as the loud ones.

  5. Provide PPE designed for women to your female employees. Safety vests and gloves designed for men can be safety hazards for women; they are baggy, ill-fitting, and dangerous. By provided PPE designed for women you are saying that you want women to work for your organization and you want them to be safe.

  6. Review, and respond to comments on Glassdoor. Potential employees are looking at this site to see what is being said about your company AND how you are responding to it. Creating a magnetic employee experience starts with bringing great people into the organization.

  7. Implement a charitable match program. Bolster your company's impact in the community and build stronger individual connections with your purpose by matching your employee's donations to a local charity. You can even rotate which charity you choose by seeking employee feedback.

Want more ideas? Let's discuss what is holding you back from winning the war on talent! Schedule a free 30-Minute Consultation by clicking here.


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