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Improve your EX with a match

Today is Giving Tuesday - a day when people around the globe will come together in unity and show kindness and generosity in all its forms by giving their voice, time, money, goods, and advocacy to support communities and causes. Today is also a great day to start improving your Employee Experience (EX) with a charitable match program at your company!

Why construction leaders should do this now:

  • Build alignment to your purpose and values - if your organization values stewardship, or your community, bolster that with a matching program

  • Invest in a magnetic employee experience - strengthen your employees' personal connection to your purpose and values

  • Improve your recruiting - 64% of millennials won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social responsibility

Click here to download our article on creating a magnetic employee experience.

The choice is yours:

  • You can choose to match your employees' contributions to any organization (e.g. have them submit a form and receipt for accounting to send a check), or you can limit the organizations available (e.g. through a payroll deduction)

  • You can choose to limit how much per year you are willing to donate (e.g. $25,000 per year)

  • You can choose when to offer the match (year-round, at specific times of the year or a hybrid approach)

  • You can even choose to give time (e.g. allowing your employees to take one-day off a year to volunteer at the organization of their choice)

Two things to consider:

1. How do you select who to give to? How many organizations?

  • Choosing 1 organization builds a sense of “All In”, but has the potential to alienate some employees

  • Allowing your employees to choose from 2-3 preselected organizations builds buy-in and personal connection to giving

  • Choosing a provider (e.g. United Way) may ease program administration efforts

  • Selecting specific organization(s) more directly support their efforts

2. What type of campaign do you want (once a year, year-round)?

  • One-time campaigns have a focused period to get employees excited and engaged with initiating reoccurring payroll commitments for following year

  • Year-round giving allows your employees to add or revise donations throughout the year

  • Combining concentrated efforts and year-round flexibility enables one-time gifts, plus ability to highlight annual “giving” days (e.g. Giving Tuesday or Red Nose Day)

Want to talk about setting up a program at your organization? Click here to schedule a quick call to get started today:


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