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Two Strategies to Improve Employee Experience

Improving the experience that you are providing your employees has numerous benefits: decreasing safety incidents, improving profits, and increasing client satisfaction... the list continues.

So how do you do that?

It is important to approach your improvements using two distinct strategies:

  1. Make day-to-day improvements

  2. Implement programmatic changes

Make Day-to-day Improvements

While senior leaders are critical in setting the direction of the culture, the employee experience is ultimately filtered through their direct managers. These individuals should understand their strengths and opportunities (i.e. weaknesses), then identify improvements. A few ideas* include:

  • In your next team meeting, ask your team what tools they are lacking to be effective in their roles

  • Over the next month or two, spend quality time with each of your employees. Celebrate and explore differences of each one.

  • Either in a team meeting or your regular one-on-ones, ask for feedback on ways to improve current processes.

Implement Programmatic Changes

At times, bigger changes are called for. Leaders define what takes priority (i.e. values), communicate what is expected (behavioral norms), and recognize that they are most proud of (through shared identity). As such, leaders have the responsibility to step back, analyze what is working and what is not, and make adjustments. Several programs to prioritize:

  • Your employee listening program. Do your current processes (engagement surveys, focus groups, etc.) enable you to hear the voice of your employees while providing prioritized actions for improvement?

  • Your recruiting processes. Are you able to identify and hire the talent you need to achieve your business goals?

  • Your onboarding program. Are you able to bring new employees into the organization and get them up to speed (and be effective) as fast as you want them to be?

By balancing adjustments in your programs with day-to-day improvements by managers you will be taking steps to provide a better experience for your employees.

*These ideas come from Qualtrics' Manager Growth Cards.


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