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Just in case

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

My husband and I go on a nice, long walk nearly every morning. We live in the 'burbs of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy a network of trails that wind through neighborhoods, along creeks, and near the wetlands (when the trails aren't flooded). It is a great opportunity to get some fresh air, a good cup of coffee, and talk. The leaves are turning and the weather has been remarkable; my husband described this season as his favorite:

"It's perfect: hoodie in the morning; T-shirt in the afternoon; hoodie in the evening!"

For those that live in the PNW, you understand the need for layers!

When it comes to the weather, we think of being adaptable as just being prepared. Think about it... I bet you have grabbed a long-sleeve or jacket "just in case."

Why is that any different in the workplace? How do we prepare ourselves and our teams to be prepared on a day-to-day basis?

We face difficult, stressful situations every day and we have to adapt to each situation as they come; sometimes quite quickly, especially while working at home.... the kids come in to ask about a snack right before your client meeting. Or your employee sharing that they didn't actually follow up on the project they promised to, right before you sit down to dinner with the family.

There are many things we can do to relieve stress: go for a walk, yoga, meditate, etc., but we don't always have time for that.

When you only have a minute: look at your phone.

OK, for most of us, this only heightens the stress level, so first, change the picture on your phone's lock screen.

Research shows that looking at natural landscapes, cute images (think of your kids or pets), natural fractals (like leaves or shells), seascapes or even architectural patterns all have a calming affect.

Whether you are in a meeting, heading out the door, or grabbing a cup of coffee, you can take a minute to look at a beautiful image if you take it with you. It is like bringing a hoodie with you "just in case."

My lock screen image from a

dinner cruise off the coast of Maui.


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