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If not me, then who?

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

A couple of weeks ago I met an incredible woman: Tia Coachman, Founder of Affirma Counsultancy. It was a beautiful day in Portland and while we were on opposite sides of the city (thank you technology), it felt good to get a little sun on our faces while we took a break from our busy schedules.

Among other things (like questioning what our kids are getting out of the kitchen when we're districted), we agreed that the work we do is not always easy. Sometimes it is downright difficult, exhausting, and tough to leave at the office (especially when you are working from home).

Then, Tia asked me a tough question: who else would do this work?

I didn't have an answer.

Along my 15+ year career in construction I have met a number of incredibly talented individuals, many of whom were driven to improve the experience for the employees they supported. But there was always something else, another priority to pull us away.

Now, this is my focus:

To work with leaders to enhance the experience for their employees.

Where is your focus?


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