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How to Make Intentional Memories

Twenty-five years ago my parents came back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas announcing that they had purchased a timeshare. They had taken vacations previously, but the thought of a commitment like that to one singular vacation destinations seemed out of the ordinary (even though my dad did, and does, love predictability... have I mentioned that he was an engineer?). Over the next five or so years they made their annual pilgrimage down to the tip of Baja California to escape the rain and cold of the Pacific Northwest in November. Before too long my brother and I were invited, often on opposite years, to join them in the sun.

For nearly two decades our family has been able to enjoy the seafood, sun, and a few margaritas while watching the growth of what was once a quiet Mexican town. I bring this up now because I just returned from there again. But this year was different: it was the last year of the timeshare. It was time to say goodbye.

We spent the week reminiscing about our favorite memories (like watching my wedding ring sparkle in the pool on my honeymoon), some of our worst moments (food poisoning is no joke), and intentionally making new memories.

Even after all of the years, and some memories blurring together, we made sure that this year stood on its own. We enjoying dancing while on sunset dinner cruise, had a baby sea lion come say hello while kayaking, and enjoyed a five course meal (with wine pairings) on the beach. You might think after 25 years we had done all of the things, and there was nothing new, but that wasn't the case. We were intentional.

You are probably thinking, who cares, glad you had a nice vacation. Here is why I share this story... if you, or your employees have been with your company for 5, 10, or 25 years, you may think it is all the same... The company meetings, the promotion letter you receive, the performance evaluation that it done in ten minutes, etc. But it doesn't have to be...

How do you put intention into what you do?

Think about your promotion process... how do you communicate promotions to your employees? Is it a quick phone call, a formal meeting in the office, an email from HR, or something else... What if you took the time to think about how to create an intentionally great memory for your employees. You could take them out to a celebratory lunch, have a bottle of champagne (or sparkling cider) delivered to their house, or share a handwritten card with some of their accomplishments.

Whatever you choose to do, whether that is a quick phone call or a recognition dinner, you will create a memory for your employees. It could be one that is quickly forgotten, or one that sticks with them. It could be shared fondly around the holiday table, or the butt of the jokes.

You have the ability to influence that.

Not sure how to create a great experience for your employees? No problem, click here to send me an email with your challenge, and I'll send you some ideas!

Oh, and One More Thing...

If you ever find yourself in Cabo I highly recommend Maro's Shrimp House!

My family has been eating shrimp at Maro's for over 20 years and it will be the restaurant I miss most.

The food is delicious, the staff is kind, and the drinks are plentiful. You can leave your mark on the wall, enjoy the musicians who often stroll through (playing for tips), or revel in how they serve the Bulldog (the specialty house drink) house!


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