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The Candidate Experience

I have recently been working with a client to augment their safety department. I never thought I would get into headhunting since I don't trust most recruiters (sorry to all of the good ones out there), but when a former colleague called and asked, I said yes.

My goal for this effort is to fill the positions, sure, but really it is to provide the best experience for each and every candidate I talk with.

Why is the candidate experience important?

...because this may be the first time your candidate hears about your company. Everything you do and say will reflect on your organization. To top it off, how your candidate feels through the process will have a significant impact on their decision to accept an offer, or not.

Here are several steps that I am taking to provide the best candidate experience that you can do to:

  1. Keep it simple: No one likes to read through job descriptions. So why should they? Job postings (what you see on your website or LinkedIn) are different; they should highlight the job and get them interested, not explain the lifting requirements. That level of detail can come later. Start by generating interest first!

  2. Be responsive: Candidates who apply for your position want to hear back quickly! It only takes a few minutes to scan a resume and see if you want to chat with them to find out more. If you are ready to hire, then you should spend a few minutes to screen your applicants every day and respond back as to whether you are moving forward with them or not.

  3. Make it easy: We have all gotten used to signing up for appointments online, why should signing up for an interview be any different? I send a quick note to all of the candidates (that I want to interview) that includes a link to schedule a time. It shows my up to date availability and they find a time that works for them (I use Calendly, but you can also check out, TimeTap or Doodle). So easy!

  4. Stay in touch: As we know, the recruiting process can be cumbersome (though it really shouldn't be). It only takes a couple of minutes to send a quick text or email to check in and let your candidate know where they are in the process. Candidates are curious, maybe even nervous and are talking to their families about it. Make the effort to show them that you care and are responsive.

There are so many little things that you can do to have a big impact on the candidate experience you are providing!


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