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The #1 Imperative of Leaders Today unlocking the potential of their employees.

It may not be a nice to think of employee potential being locked up, but it is often the case. Employees feel unable to approach a task in a new or creative way because they were told "this is how we do things here." Or feeling unable to speak up at a meeting because "the boss" is there.

So how do leaders unlock the potential of their employees?

They build trust.

Trust has a significant impact on an employee's experience and their desire to stay with a company. In fact, over half of organizations with high trust report low turnover rates (see the infographic below for more information).

Here are three proven ideas to build trust with your employees:

  1. Check in with your employees at least once a week. Put a reoccurring meeting on your calendar to touch base with your employees weekly. During this time check in to see how they are doing. Then, ask them what you can do to support them. This may be awkward at first, and that is ok. Believe me, it will get easier over time and, you will build trust with employees.

  2. Take action. When you ask for feedback, do something with it. I am not suggesting to implement all of the ideas that your employees bring forward, but let them know you have heard them, then take action on 1-2 suggestions. When you are ready, choose 1-2 more items to take action on. Over time, these actions build trust that your employees' feedback is truly being heard and they will share more.

  3. Be honest. Information is more transparent than ever before and your employees expect that from you too. If you are unsure, need more time to think, or have already made the tough decision, be open and honest with your employees. This may feel like you aren't a "strong" leader, but this vulnerability has a significant influence on your employees' trust in you and the organization.

If you are struggling to build trust in your organization and want to reduce your employee turnover, then you need to improve your employee experience. We've helped the largest general contractors significantly increase their employee engagement and reduce their turnover.

Click here to schedule a call with Christi to find out more about how to improve the employee experience at your organization. There is no cost for this call.

Don't wait, the time is now.


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