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Let's Get Real About Your Goals

This is probably not the first email you have seen about setting goals for 2023. It isn't even the first post that I have done on the topic (you can check out past posts here and here). So why are we talking about it again? Because setting goals every year is an important thing to do.

Sometimes it can be tough to know where to start. No problem, there is a free downloadable template below to help you set a total of six goals: two personal, two life, and two work goals. You may be thinking that this sure seems like a lot, but using this format kept me focused on what was important this past year and if you are up for it, you will likely find value in it do.

Chances are your work has a method of capturing goals as it is. Great! Copy those over into this template, then add goals for you as an individual, and goals to support the community.

Not sure where to start!? No problem, here are 10 ideas for each category to get you thinking!

Personal Goal Ideas:

  1. Cut out meat (or red meat) one day a week

  2. Go somewhere you have never been

  3. Get outside every day

  4. Get a monthly massage

  5. Plan a monthly date night with your significant other

  6. Take a cooking (or art, or shooting, or tai chi, or yoga) class

  7. Do something that scares you once a week

  8. Read 12 books (throughout the year)

  9. Plan a get together for your high school friends

  10. Get a cancer screening

Life Goal Ideas:

  1. Plan an outing for just you and your kid (or parent)

  2. Donate money to a non-profit

  3. Stop using plastic straws

  4. Give blood

  5. Volunteer at your local food bank

  6. Make sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless in a nearby community

  7. Buy a potted Christmas tree and plant it after you have used it

  8. Carpool to work one day a week

  9. Join your local neighborhood watch

  10. Adopt a road (or highway)

Work Goal Ideas:

  1. Read 12 leadership or work-related books

  2. Attend an industry networking event

  3. Attend a conference

  4. Speak at a conference

  5. Set a revenue target for your business unit

  6. Set up regular (monthly or quarterly) one-on-ones with your manager or direct reports to talk about development

  7. Spend a hour with a support department (you don't work in) to learn more about what they do

  8. Meet with a financial planner

  9. Set a plan to eliminate your debt (or build your savings)

  10. Improve your team meetings with an inclusion moment

Click below to download the template and enter in your goals!

2023 Goal Template
Download PDF • 1.73MB


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