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This is my favorite week to work...

I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous, but let me explain...

The office is quiet, the projects for the year are done, and the new year hasn't quite started yet; my belly is filled with good food, and my heart is filled with family. This lull in the year is the perfect time to clean out the inbox, put any finishing touches on things, and plan ahead for the new year.

All with no distractions (and plenty of leftovers).

Reflecting back on this year I find myself grateful for so many things: the new places I explored, the relationships I built, and the successes I helped deliver for my clients.

As I look ahead to 2023 I am excited for all the things to come! This year will bring:

  • A partnership enabling organizations to put inclusion into the hands of their employees

  • A forum to discuss and share how organizations are focusing on mental health

  • New client relationships with leading engineering and construction firms

As this year wraps up for you, I hope that you enjoy this week - whether you are enjoying a tropical cruise, a remote cabin in the mountains, or a quiet week in the office.

For me, it is time for another snack and a bit more planning...


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