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You Are Enough

At some point or another, we all struggle with the fear that we aren't enough. So, this week's blog post is your (not so) gentle reminder: You are enough.

Take a deep breath and read the words again...

You are enough.

You are smart enough, strong enough, nice enough, good enough to do whatever it is that's intimidating you. And your value as an individual is not diminished, even if that negative inner voice says otherwise.

We are our own worst critic. Often, we're so much harder on ourselves, and so much quicker to undervalue our own skills, than we would be for a friend or colleague or family member. That's not fair to you, and it's destructive to your mental health in the long run.

I'm writing this partly in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and wanting to remind you to calm down and be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. But honestly I've had this topic in my head for a couple weeks, because it's so important to hear even when it's not May.

When it comes to that negative voice in your head, there are ways to practice addressing that voice:

  1. Acknowledge the negative thought, and attribute it to the destructive voice. Suppressing hurtful thoughts will not make them go away. Trust me, I have tried... doesn't work.

  2. Listen to actual feedback. Listen to constructive feedback and implement it to show yourself that you've grown. Receive positive feedback openly and believe the person giving you that feedback. One thing I did at a previous job was save emails that gave me kind feedback and/or expressed genuine gratitude. I could refer back to those emails whenever I needed to remind myself that I'm valuable and people appreciate my efforts.

  3. Remind yourself that everyone has different strengths. If you're struggling with comparing yourself to others, pause and reflect that everyone is different. I am pretty fantastic seeing the big picture while factoring in the details it will take to get there; I also struggle with routine tasks (that need to be done the exact same way every day). You have different strengths than I do. Everyone is different.

Exercises like these practice clarity, promote positive self-talk, and refocuses your perspective. Give them a try if you're feeling burdened with negativity! Clarity, positivity, and focus are sturdy ways to promote your own mental health.

And remember: You. Are. Enough.


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