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The Talent You Already Have

When we talk about winning “the war on talent,” your mind probably automatically goes to the recruiting process: the tips to attract your perfect candidate, how to make your company stand out to a talented job seeker, all that good stuff. But there’s a larger population of talent that you might be overlooking: the talent you already have.

Now is not the time to be taking your existing talent for granted. The year 2021 saw a major economic trend all over the country of employees quitting from their jobs at higher-than-average rates. The rate of resignations is so high, it’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” and it’s leaving vacancies in companies and a need to re-evaluate how to retain employees.

Reasons abound as to why a worker would leave their employment, but a majority of employees participating in the Great Resignation are citing burnout and fatigue as their reasons for leaving. The stress of global events, compounded with the pressure to remain as productive as before, have caused many employees – particularly mid-level employees – to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. Factor in a sense of isolation, as many employees in America are now working from home, and you’ve got an employee who is burnt out.

If you want to win the war on talent, your best chance in 2022 is to retain your current talent. Check in with your employees. If they’re having trouble connecting to their manager or team, or if they feel their workload is unsustainable, or if they feel like their well-being is only a second priority to their company, work with them to find a solution, otherwise you’re at risk of losing them.

Not sure where to start, here are five questions to ask your current employees:
  1. What do you like most or least about working here?

  2. What keeps you working here?

  3. If you could change something about your job, what would that be?

  4. What can I do to best support you?

  5. What might tempt you to leave?

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