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ALTA + Qualtrics

Research shows that companies investing in employee experience (EX) outperform companies that are not. Not only are they able to attract and retain great talent, they experience fewer safety incidents, decreased absenteeism, increased customer loyalty, and higher profits.  That said, EX can be confusing, overwhelming, and complex.

This is why ALTA and Qualtrics have teamed up!  Together, we partner to demystify EX and enable construction companies to win the war on talent.  As a result, organizations will bring their employees into the center of their decision-making process and harness all of the benefits of a magnetic employee experience.

EX Model.png
EX Model

Bring clarity to the confusion with this employee experience (EX) model.

"Christi understands data and to is able to help drive excellence in the change management process through solution-based practices, enabling companies to see their true potential."

Nancy Cote     |     HR Professional     |     ADF Inc

Want to more about how our Qualtrics partnership can benefit you?

Companies Investing in EX Outperform:
safety incidents.png

decrease in safety incidents


decrease in


customer loyalty.png

increase in customer loyalty/ engagement


increase in


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