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It has been a while...

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Well... it has certainly been a while since I have posted... it has been a busy summer!

Finding balance isn't always easy and I have never been able to do it all, so this summer I have been focused on being there for my family, helping my clients achieve their goals, and achieving a few of my own!

Here is a sampling of what the past few months have looked like for me...

  • Spent 4th of July with 22 family members celebrating our country

  • Helped a client roll out customized employee experience dashboards to the leaders of their organization

  • Watched a blue heron fly over while waterskiing

  • Gained a few certifications of my own (more to come on that)

  • Walked with my mom during her first 5k Color Run

  • Facilitated client discussions about how they want to do work in the future

I hope that your summer was filled with joys, triumphs, and enough work to balance it out!

...more posts to come!


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