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I'm out!


I received a fantastic out of office auto-reply to an email last week:

I am currently in the United Kingdom, walking the streets of London and Glasgow with my daughter. I am planning to be fully present with her for this experience. That means I will not be taking my computer abroad with me and will be turning my email off on my phone. If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to... If, however you can wait until I return, I am setting aside, Wednesday, June 8th to return calls and respond to emails, so will do my best to respond to you then.

This is one of the best out of office messages I have seen and I wanted to share it for two reasons:

  1. To remind everyone that going out of office means that you're out of office, and if you're still making yourself available to your coworkers then you need to practice setting firmer boundaries.

  2. I am ALSO going out of office!

My son and I are going to Italy together! We're leaving on Friday to tour Venice, Florence, and Rome. I love carving out times like this with my kids and having these amazing experiences, and naturally I'm VERY excited to go on this trip with Caleb... I am sure that there will be pizza, pasta, tiramisu, and wine in my near future!

Much like my voyaging correspondent above, I won't be taking my computer and won't be checking email. But if you need immediate assistance, you can reach my teammate Catherine Toney - comment on this post if you need her email address.

See you all on the 28th (and not a moment sooner)!


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